Shad Adair - Chairman Albuquerque SCORE.

“Sexual assault and offender rehabilitation can evoke strong emotions from all sides.  Wrap all of the potential conflict into a short, live performance by a solo artist and you have a brave and courageous undertaking that calls you with an acuteness to action.”


Kathy Trageser - Actor

“Redemption prompted several discussions on the problem of sexual assault. The biggest question that came from those discussions is “Why are there no public awareness ads that offer help to those with sexual dysfunctions?”

Ramona King - Storyteller and Speaker

“Jim Sea’s Redemption is a compelling piece that challenges us to shift our way of dealing with sexual offenders.  Each character he plays pulls you in with conviction for his/her position.  It’s been amazing to watch Jim’s show take shape and to witness his process for developing his character Mary.  This show is a one-of-a kind! –you won’t forget it!”


Diane Villegas - Big Picture Marketing Strategies

“I have never seen a piece that addressed sexual assault from the perspective of a therapist, a bureaucrat and an offender. Compelling.”


Tina Farmer - KDHX radio St. Louis

“A veteran of multiple Fringe festivals, touring artist Jim Sea stuns audiences with his one-man show ‘Redemption’. Using facts and an actual case study, the play about sexual violence in contemporary America considers the possibility of reform as a lasting outcome. The stories of three very different individuals are expertly braided together, and Sea imbues each character with gravitas and believability through subtle choices.”


David Dixon - Laughter and Controversial Subjects at Fringe 2017 - SAN DIEGO STORY

“The actor’s script, adapted from his unproduced screenplay, is an evenhanded treatment about a problem not often discussed in public. Mary and Sawyer’s opinions about Dan are very strong and, through Sea’s prose, they express their views persuasively. Every person in Redemption is intriguing, although Dan gets the most attention. Sea is sadly fragile and disturbing when he graphically recounts the abuse Dan suffered as a child.
Redemption isn’t meant to change people’s views, yet Sea and Christine McHugh’s spare direction gives everyone who sees the play a great deal to think about.”

Jim Julien - Asheville Fringe Arts Festival

“Redemption’ is a powerful work of theatre… Jim Sea portrays all three of the roles with delicacy, grace and humanity. The sad statistics that are referred to, in regards to sexual assault, become a vivid reality as each character’s story unfolds. This work is challenging and provocative, but ultimately rewarding, as each character provides a different viewpoint to understand the rippling effect of violence. Strong performance, thoughtful research and writing contribute to a deeply intimate theatre experience.”


Peg Peterson- Winding Roads Theater -Tucson

“Redemption’ is a hard-hitting show with a subject matter from which many will shy away. My advice is: don’t hesitate, go see it. This a show that should be seen by a lot of people. And believe me, if you see it, you will feel it.”

Jamie Brazell MAMFT - Out of the Woods Therapy - Asheville

“Redemption’ is thought provoking and emotionally charged, Jim’s performance addresses a topic that very few want to talk about, but that we all desperately need to discuss. ‘Redemption’ adds a unique perspective to sexual assault prevention that is courageous and relevant. We need to address this widespread problem from a variety of lenses.”

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